Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Newline Designs Dark Ages Range

Newline Designs are maybe better known for their 20mm figures, but they make 28mm as well. Their Dark Ages range includes Arabs, Carolingians, Normans, Saxons and, of course, Vikings!

The figures are well proportioned and of average height for 28mm miniatures. Swords and axes are moulded in one piece with the figure, while spears and shields are separate but included in the pack. There was a small amount of flash to clean up on the examples I had and the detail is not quite as crisp as some other manufacturers. It is hard to argue with the price though. At the time of writing a pack of 24 foot figures can be had for just £20!

If you prefer metal over plastic, Newline are an excellent way to add cheap bulk to your army!

The first comparison photo shows, from left to right, Gripping Beast plastic, Redoubt, Tanatus and Newline.

Next we have a photo of, from left to right, Artizan, Foundry, Renegade and Newline.

And here is West Wind, Crusader and Newline.

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