Far East

So, what is this Far East category all about then?

It is a listing of all the figure ranges for Chinese, Japanese, general SE Asia, and associated armies intended for pre-19th Century wars.

And why is it a separate category? Well, the other categories tend to be very Western/Eurocentric orientated, and East Asian history doesn't really fit! This is my solution. It may not be the best but it is simple and hopefully clear.

Once again, I have listed stuff as it is described by each manufacturer. There may be overlaps, and some figures may be used in other situations, but I have found that this is the most pragmatic way!

For clickable links to each manufacturers' website, please go to the 'Directory' tab.

  • Burmese-Thai - First Corps, Irregular Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures,
  • Chinese (Ancient) - Watchful I Studio,
  • Chinese (Han Dynasty) - First Corps, Irregular Miniatures, Newline Designs, Old Glory 25s, 
  • Chinese (Ming Dynasty) - Forlorn Hope Games, Irregular Miniatures, Scheltrum Miniatures, SHQ Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures, 
  • Chinese (Qin Dynasty) - Molniya Miniatures, 
  • Chinese (Shang-Zhao) - First Corps, 
  • Chinese (Sui Dynasty) - The Assault Group, 
  • Chinese (Sung Dynasty) - First Corps, Irregular Miniatures, Newline Designs, The Assault Group, 
  • Chinese (Tang Dynasty) - Irregular Miniatures, Newline Designs, The Assault Group, 
  • Chinese (Three Kingdoms) - Irregular Miniatures, 
  • Chinese (Warring States) - First Corps,
  • Civilians - Warbases, 
  • Japanese 12th-13th Centuries - Dixon Miniatures, First Corps, 
  • Japanese 16th Century - AW Miniatures, Dixon Miniatures, Kingsford Miniatures, Perry Miniatures, Scheltrum Miniatures, Steel Fist Miniatures, Warlord Games, 
  • Japanese (unspecified) - Bad Squiddo Games, Battleline Miniatures, Black Hat Miniatures, Bridge Miniatures, Depot Battalion, Eureka Miniatures, Foundry Miniatures, Miniature Figurines, Moonraker Miniatures, Naismith And Roundway, Old Glory 25s, Scheltrum Miniatures, The Assault Group, Tin Soldier UK, Victory Force Miniatures, Wargames Design Workshop, Warrior Miniatures, West Wind Productions, 
  • Khmer - Irregular Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures, 
  • Korean - Battleline Miniatures, First Corps, Perry Miniatures, Scheltrum Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures, 
  • Mongols - Battleline Miniatures, First Corps, Irregular Miniatures, Miniature Figurines, Molniya Miniatures, Naismith And Roundway, The Assault Group, Tiger Miniatures, Wargames Design Workshop, Warrior Miniatures, 
  • Tibetan - First Corps, Irregular Miniatures, 
  • Wako Pirates - Forlorn Hope Games, Scheltrum Miniatures,


  1. Steve Barber Models, Eureka, Tiger Miniatures and Scheltrum have Indonesian miniatures. 1898 Miniatures have Phillipino figures.

  2. Eureka have Warring States and Qin