Thursday, 31 January 2013

Tanatus Miniatures

Tanatus Miniatures produce a small range of Dark Age figures. Although labelled as Saxons and Picts, they are fairly generic and could be used for a wider range of Dark Age warriors.

The figures are not as squat-looking as some other manufacturers, being much more anatomically correct.. There is a pleasing amount of fine detail which my photography skills are not good enough to bring out! There was a fair bit of moulding flash on my samples, but nothing that was hard to remove. Spears are separate but supplied in the pack with the figures. I thought they were a bit on the chunky side though. Maybe a move to wire spears would be the way to go?

The Tanatus range is available from North Star Military Figures.

Here are a couple of comparison photos:

The first shows, from left to right, Tanatus, Artizan, Crusader, Foundry.

This next shows left to right, Tanatus, Gripping Beast plastic, Redoubt, Renegade,

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Who makes Dark Ages figures?

I thought it might be useful to make a list of manufacturers of 28mm Dark Age figures. I have included figure ranges that roughly cover from the fall of the Roman Empire to the Norman Conquest. Some may be described as 25mm but are included pending further investigation!

The following is everyone I can find. It seems that not all of them are online, and I may have missed some. If anyone knows of any that I've missed, please let me know via the 'comments'. Cheers!

Artizan Designs
Black Tree Designs
Conquest Games
C P Models
Crusader Miniatures
Dixon Miniatures
Ebob Miniatures
Essex Miniatures
Foundry Miniatures
Gripping Beast
HaT Industrie
Heroes Of The Dark Age
Irregular Miniatures
Miniature Design Studio - now available from Caliver Books
Mirliton S G
Musketeer Miniatures
Newline Designs
Old Glory 25s
Outpost Wargame Services
Parkfield Miniatures
Redoubt Enterprises
Renegade Miniatures
Scheltrum Miniatures
Shieldwall Miniatures - no website?
Tanatus Miniatures - distributed by North Star
Tin Soldier UK
Wargames Factory
Warrior Miniatures
West Wind Productions

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Painted Foundry Saxons

A few photos of some painted examples of Saxon warriors from Foundry, followed by a couple of comparison shots of other manufacturers figures.

The five figures on the left are by Foundry and the four on the right are Crusader Miniatures

Next we have the Foundry figures compared with three Renegade Miniatures

Here are three Redoubt figures on the right

And finally for today, three plastic Gripping Beast figures on the right

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Painted Renegade Miniatures

Here are a couple of photos of some Renegade figures painted up. These are some of  their Saxon Fyrdmen.

And a couple of comparison shots. First up is three Renegade fellers on the left alongside three Crusader Miniatures figures on the right.

Here we have Renegade and Gripping Beast plastics.

And Renegade compared with Redoubt.