Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Offensive Miniatures Napoleonic Range

Offensive Miniatures Napoleonic figures are listed under their "Follow the Drum" range on their website. At the moment they are focusing on the Peninsular War and have British, French, Polish and Spanish lines.

The figures are cleanly cast with no flash on the examples that I had. The detail is nicely raised which makes painting easy, even for someone as cack-handed as me! Size wise these figures seem to fit in the middle of the 28mm spread, both in term of height and heft. All in all, a safe bet if you want to add a bit of manufacturer variety to your army!

This first comparison photo shows, from left to right, Offensive, Alban and Perry.

This comparison shot shows, from left to right, Offensive, Warlord and Victrix. The plastic figures are both noticeably larger!


  1. Thanks for that review - I have just got some Offensive Miniatures riflemen. Wouldn't mix them in same unit but will be fine on their own.

  2. Would love to see a comparison with Front Rank figures. Looking at the sizes above, they look like they would match up well with the Warlord Plastics.