Thursday 19 July 2012


Hello and welcome to 28mm Review.

The aim of this blog is to compare 28mm wargames figures from different manufacturers. As most wargamers know, 28mm is not a scale but a size. The problem with this is that not all 28mm figures are compatible with each other. Some manufacturers measure 28mm from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head, while others may go from the foot to the eyes because the top of the head is usually covered by headgear. Some produce realistically proportioned figures, others are more caricature-like with chunky bodies or overly large heads and hands.

This is all great for variety and enables people to collect figures which appeal to them. It does however, lead to constant questions along the lines of "will figures from 'x' manufacturer fit with those from 'y'?" Well, my aim is to make this the place to come for the answers!

Due to the large number of different figure ranges available this database will take some time to grow, so please be patient if your favourite line is not mentioned and keep popping back to see what is new. If you are a manufacturer of 28mm historical wargames figures and your range is not featured, I will gladly accept a free sample!