Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Ambitious plans...

Wargames Atlantic have been added to the Manufacturers Directory.

This is a company with some very ambitious-sounding plans! Already making fantasy figures, they are now branching out into historicals with the launch of a set of Persian Infantry.

It would appear that all their figures are multi-part plastic sets. The Persian set will build 40 figures for the very reasonable price of £25. Although based in the USA, they have local stockists in several parts of the world. In the UK you can buy from North Star so shipping is a lot cheaper!

Four historical ranges are currently being planned. 'First Empires' is billed as being from Akkadia to Alexander, 'Blood Oaths' is the Dark Ages, 'Imperial Conquests' 19th Century colonial, and 'The Great War' is....well, take a guess!

So, a very professional looking outfit to keep an eye on, I reckon!

Persian Infantry