20th Century

The following is a list of all the manufacturers of 28mm 20th Century figures that I could find.

I have listed them mostly as the manufacturers describe them. A lot of them could obviously be used in other situations, but that depends on how picky the buyer is! There are quite a lot of 'non-specific' ranges in this section, so I have listed a lot of stuff as general Colonial or Pulp/Adventure.

Many 'modern' figures are quite hard to classify unless the manufacturer is clear about which conflict they are intended for. You may find some ranges are not included here. These should show up in the 21st Century listing.

As WW1 and WW2 are such popular subjects, they have their own tabs and are not included in this list.

For clickable links to the various manufacturers, please go to the main Directory tab!

  • Aden Emergency - Eureka Miniatures,
  • Afghans - Eureka Miniatures, SHQ Miniatures,
  • Africa Post-WW2 - Britannia Miniatures, Cibos Little Dudes, Eureka Miniatures, Gripping Beast, Mike Bravo Miniatures, Newline Designs, Reiver Castings, SHQ Miniatures, The Assault Group, 
  • Balkan Wars - Tiger Miniatures,
  • Banana Wars - Monday Knight Productions, 
  • Chaco War - Orinoco Miniatures, 
  • Chinese Civil Wars And Chinese-Japanese War - Brigade Games, Reiver Castings, Reviresco Tin-Soldier, 
  • Cold War - Christian Miniatures, Empress Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures, Mike Bravo Miniatures, Mongrel Miniatures, Newline Designs, Reiver Castings, SHQ Miniatures, Under Fire Miniatures, 
  • Colonial Wars (Pre-WW2) - Artizan Designs, Askari Miniatures, Cibos Little Dudes, Empress Miniatures, Forgotten Front Miniatures, Lancashire Games, Old Glory 25s, Pulp Figures, Redoubt Enterprises, Tiger Miniatures, Warrior Miniatures, 
  • Czechoslovakia 1930s - Horcata Miniatures,
  • Falklands War - Gripping Beast, 
  • French Indo-China - FNG Miniatures, 
  • Germany 1919 - Tsuba Miniatures, 
  • Irish Wars 1916-1923 - Footsore Miniatures, Reiver Castings, Reviresco Tin-Soldier, 
  • Korean War - Acheson Creations, First Corps, Slave2 Gaming, 
  • Malayan Emergency - Britannia Miniatures, Reiver Castings, 
  • Mexican Revolution - Britannia Miniatures, Gringo 40s, Monday Knight Productions, Old Glory 25s, Pontoonier Miniatures, Pulp Figures, Reviresco Tin-Soldier, 
  • Middle East (Post WW2) - Mongrel Miniatures,
  • Post-WW2 (unspecified) - Empress Miniatures, Warbases,
  • Pulp/Adventure - Artizan Designs, Askari Miniatures, Brigade Games, Copplestone Castings, Eureka Miniatures, First Corps, Great Escape Games, Mutton Chop Miniatures, Old Glory 25s, Pulp Figures, Reviresco Tin-Soldier, Tiger Miniatures, Warm Acre Games,
  • Rif War - Templar Wargames And Scenery, 
  • Russian Civil War - Brigade Games, Copplestone Castings, Forgotten Front Miniatures, Siberia Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures, 
  • Russo-Japanese War - Redoubt Enterprises, Tsuba Miniatures, 
  • Spanish Civil War - Empress Miniatures, Templar Wargames And Scenery, 
  • Very British Civil War - Empress Miniatures, Footsore Miniatures, Ironclad Miniatures, Irregular Miniatures, Reiver Castings, 
  • Vietnam War - Baker Company, Battle Honors, Christian Miniatures, Empress Miniatures, Eureka Miniatures, Full Metal Miniatures, Gringo 40s, Parkfield Miniatures, Pulp Figures, SHQ Miniatures, The Assault Group, Westwind Productions, 

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