Thursday, 14 February 2013

Warlord Games Napoleonics comparisons.

A couple of quick comparison shots of plastic Warlord Games Napoleonic French Infantry.

First we have a 'grid shot' of a Warlord figure on the left, a Perry metal miniature in the middle, and a Victrix guy on the right. The difference in the style of the bases makes it a bit tricky to get them lined up well, but the bottom of the feet is level with the zero line on the grid!

Next we have a couple of photos of three Warlord figures on the left and three Victrix on the right. I think they are pretty well matched, although the Warlord shakoes are a bit chunkier!

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  1. 28,

    Thanks for posting. I like these Warlords more than the Victrix; an improvement over the Prussian Landwehr.