Monday, 12 November 2012

Renegade Miniatures

Renegade Miniatures produce a small but tasty range of Anglo-Saxons including a few cavalry.

The figures are fairly bulky but a lot of them have a style that is evocative of the famous Lewis Chessmen which gives excellent period flavour. The sculpting is nice and clean with good detail. Shield and weapons are separate but included in the pack, although I would have preferred spears rather than swords and axes!

Here is a Renegade figure on the left and a Crusader figure on the right.

This is Renegade compared to Foundry on the left.

Renegade on the left and a plastic Gripping Beast figure on the right.

Renegade on the left and Redoubt on the right.

Renegade on the right and Artizan on the left.

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