Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Foundry Miniatures

Foundry are a major supplier of wargames figures and produce a huge range. They have several Dark Ages lines including not only the usual Saxons and Vikings but also Arthurian Romano-British, Early Saxons, Franks and Normans. So plenty to choose from!

They are nice figures that are well-cast in a massive variety of poses. Detail is good and they paint up well. The packs come with shields, bows etc included but spears have to be bought separately. Foundry are well worth a look and have a good website with plenty of pretty pictures!

Here is a Foundry figure on the left compared to a Crusader Miniatures figure on the right.

And Foundry compared to a plastic Gripping Beast figure on the right.

Here is Foundry on the left and a Redoubt figure on the right.

This is Foundry on left and Renegade on the right.

Foundry on right and Artizan on the left.

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