Thursday, 11 October 2012

Redoubt Enterprises

Redoubt produce a small range of Vikings all available to order as single figures so you can mix and match. They also make a longship that comes with 15 crew and 5 other figures.

I found that the figures are packed with character but of slightly strange proportions. In terms of height and heft they are on the small end of the 28mm spectrum. In view of this and the small range, Redoubt are maybe not going to supply the bulk of an army, but are great for adding a bit of variety to other ranges.

Here we have a Redoubt figure on the left, with a Gripping Beast figure on the right for comparison.

Redoubt compared with Crusader Miniatures.

Here is Redoubt V Foundry on the left.

This is Redoubt and Renegade.

Redoubt on the right with Artizan on the left.

And some Redoubt Vikings painted.

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