Tuesday 16 October 2012

Crusader Miniatures

Crusader produce a large range of Dark Ages figures including Byzantine, Spanish, Scots, Irish, Anglo-Saxons, Normans and of course, Vikings! They also do some very nice personality figures.

The figures are well sculpted, need very little cleaning up, and even I found them easy to paint! They are a touch larger than average, but will still mix well with other ranges. If you have a Dark Age army, Crusader figures should be involved!

This photo shows Crusader on the right and Artizan on the left

Here is Crusader on the left compared with Gripping Beast on the right.

Crusader on the right compared with Redoubt on the left.

Here we have Foundry on the left and Crusader on the right.

This is Renegade on the left and Crusader on the right.

And a couple of pictures of some Crusader Anglo-Saxons painted up.

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