Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Directory Update

Another manufacturer has been added to the directory.

RSM 95 make Ottoman Turks and several 18th Century ranges.

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  1. RSM95 figures are great! Realistically proportioned (for the most part)and they paint up easily. Originally sold under the Pax Britannica label back in the early 80s (Steve Hezzlewood anyone?) and marketed in Military Modelling and Miniature Wargames as true 30mm figures at 1/60th scale. While not as detailed as, say, modern lines like Minden and Eureka, RSM95 figures are economical by comparison and fully compatible size wise with these ranges as well as Holger Eriksson, Suren/Willie, and Jackdaw. Rich at the Dayton Painting Consortium, which sells the RSM95 figures, provides great communication and customer service as well. Interested parties can see lots and lots of painted 18th century RSM95 figures at my Grand Duchy of Stollen blog by the way. Here's the link:


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