Monday, 28 April 2014

Curteys Miniatures Dark Ages range

Curteys Miniatures have recently released the first of their new Arthurian range. As the name suggests, these figures are suitable for the "Age of Arthur" and there are both Romano-British and Early Saxons available so far.

The castings are nice and crisp with plenty of well-defined detail. They required very little cleaning up of flash. The examples that I have came with the spears moulded in one piece with the figure and separate shields were included in the pack. I believe some figures have weapons and hands moulded as a separate piece and have to be glued to the wrist. Curteys believe this is the best way for hands to get a good grip of the weapon!

So, on to the comparison photos...

This first one shows, from left to right, figures from Curteys, Artizan Designs, and Crusader Miniatures.

Next we have, from left to right, Curteys, Dixon Miniatures, and Foundry Miniatures.

This is, from left to right, Curteys, Gripping Beast metal, and Gripping Beast plastic.

Here we have, left to right, Curteys, Newline Designs, and Redoubt Enterprises.

Below we have, left to right, Curteys, Renegade Miniatures, and Shieldwall Miniatures.

And last is, from left to right, Curteys, Tanatus Miniatures, and West Wind Productions.

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