Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Front Rank Figurines Napoleonic Range

Front Rank Figurines produce a large range of Napoleonic miniatures. As well as British, French, Austrian and Russian figures they also make Spanish, Portuguese, Polish and various German states. In fact the only major thing missing seems to be Prussian troops!

The figures sit at the larger end of the 28mm spectrum and are a bit 'portly'. They have plenty of well-defined detail which helps with painting. Some may find the style a bit too caricatured, but for most people Front Rank provide a wide variety of nicely animated figures. I found their service was very fast, too!

The first comparison photo shows, from left to right, Front Rank, Perry and Offensive

Next up, from left to right, Front Rank, Warlord plastic and Victrix plastic

And here is Front Rank compared with the slightly smaller Alban Miniatures