Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Who makes 17th Century figures?

Here is a list of all the manufacturers of 17th Century figures I could find.

As this period was mostly 'pike & shot' many miniatures can be used for more than one conflict. Many Thirty Years War figures can be used for the English Civil War, for example. I have therefore listed all the manufacturers who have a range listed as suitable for any of the wars of this period.

Bicorne Miniatures
Brigade Games
Dixon Miniatures
Eagle Figures
Empress Miniatures
Essex Miniatures
Eureka Miniatures
Foundry Miniatures
Front Rank Figurines
Irregular Miniatures
Matchlock Miniatures
North Star
Old Glory 25s
Perry Miniatures
Redoubt Enterprises
Reiver Castings
Renegade Miniatures
The Assault Group
Tin Soldier UK
Warlord Games
Warrior Miniatures

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Warlord Games Napoleonics comparisons.

A couple of quick comparison shots of plastic Warlord Games Napoleonic French Infantry.

First we have a 'grid shot' of a Warlord figure on the left, a Perry metal miniature in the middle, and a Victrix guy on the right. The difference in the style of the bases makes it a bit tricky to get them lined up well, but the bottom of the feet is level with the zero line on the grid!

Next we have a couple of photos of three Warlord figures on the left and three Victrix on the right. I think they are pretty well matched, although the Warlord shakoes are a bit chunkier!

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Warlord Games Napoleonic Range

Warlord Games produce their own figures as well as retailing those of other manufacturers. The majority of their own miniatures at the moment are sets of plastic Infantry similar in style to those offered by Perry and Victrix.

They are not as complex to put together as some other manufacturers, which leads to some of the moulded detail being not quite as distinct. The basic figures just need the backpacks and heads gluing on so assembly is pretty rapid. I found, with my very basic skills, that they painted up well. Ideal for building large units quickly and cheaply!

Some comparison shots are on the way. Meanwhile here are a couple of photos of a few painted and ready to fight!

Friday, 1 February 2013

Painted Vikings by Artizan Designs

Here are a couple of examples of figures from Artizan Designs. They are Viking spearmen from their Dark Ages range.

And for comparison, three Artizan figures on the left with three Crusader figures on the right.

Here are Artizan on left with three Foundry figures on the right.

Artizan on left, Gripping Beast plastic figures on right.

Artizan on left, Redoubt on right.

And finally today, Artizan compared with three Renegade figures on the right.